Two New TV Shows Feature Lesbian Moms

Thought it won’t debut until the summer, people are already buzzing about a new TV show called The Fosters, a drama focused on a mixed race lesbian couple raising a biological son, two adopted children and a troubled girl they take in.

Part of the buzz is that pop star and erstwhile American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez is the series producer. But part of the chatter is that the show actually looks half-decent.

The network just released a trailer. Take a look:

What do you think? Will you watch it?

If you’re in Canada, you have another choice for seeing queer parents on the small screen: Seed, a half-hour sitcom about a sperm donor named Harry that premiered last month. The show follows bachelor Harry as he discovers the families who used his sperm. One of those families is Michelle and Zoey, lesbian moms to 10-year-old Billy. Here’s the series trailer:

First came Modern Family with gay dads Jay and Cameron in 2009. Then in 2012 came The New Normal, a sitcom about gay couple Bryan and David and their baby surrogate, Goldie. Now in 2013, we already have two new shows with gay parents — and it’s only March!

We seem to be the trendy thing to feature in a TV show these days. But hey, I’m not complaining. If it means I get to see my life and my family reflected on television, I say bring it on.

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