Summer Camps for Kids With LGBTQ Parents

Summer sleep-away camp can be a foundational experience in a kid’s life. And imagine how much more amazing it might be if camp was also a chance to be surrounded by kids just like you.

I love that these camps exist. I only wish there were more!


Camp Highlight

Where: Wernersville, Pennsylvania
Ages: 8 – 15
Sleep-away: Yes
Campers: 60
Founded: 2010
Activities: Traditional sports, arts and crafts, dance, fishing, writing, and nature adventures
Fees: $999. Financial aid available.

About the camp:
“Our mission is create a generation of children that are kind, generous, responsible, and united. To that end, everything we do at Camp Highlight is rooted in our Nine Virtues: peace, honesty, generosity, respect, courage, acceptance, responsibility, cooperation, and unity. We encourage every camper to practice and live those virtues in order to become the very best version of themselves they can be.”

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Camp Ten Trees

Where: Somewhere near Seattle, WA
Ages: 8-17
Sleep-away: Yes
Campers: 100 – 125
Founded: 2000
Activities: Arts & crafts, boating, swimming, creative writing, cartooning, dancing, nature walks, archery, music, sports,
Fees: Sliding scale. Financial aid available.

About the camp:
“Camp Ten Trees is a place for diverse youth who share common experiences to come together and form a community that is truly their own.

In addition to traditional camp activities like swimming, archery, and nature hikes, campers engage in age-appropriate workshops exploring identity, issues of oppression/privilege, youth coalition building, social justice, and more. Camp Ten Trees is not just a camp… It’s a revolution!”

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Camp Ten Oaks

Where: Eagle Lake, about 2 hours west of Ottawa, ON
Ages: 8 – 17
Sleep-away: Yes
Campers: 100
Activities: Outdoor adventure, waterfront, athletics, arts, social justice
Fees: Variable according to family budget. Subsidies available.
Founded: 2005

About the camp:
“Camp Ten Oaks is a one-week, sleep-away camp for children and youth ages 8-17 from LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, two-spirit, queer) identities, families and communities.

The programming at Camp Ten Oaks is a mixture of unit activities and individual choice. Our activities are designed to empower campers through play that enhances self-esteem, life skills, independence, leadership and self-confidence.”

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Have your kids attended any of these camps — or another camp I might have missed? Please share your experience!

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