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The New Normal: Same-Sex Families on the Rise in Canada

The CBC recently ran a great series of videos and articles on what they’re calling the “new normal” as the number of same-sex marriages and same-sex families in Canada grows.

In the province of Quebec, gay dads Raphael Alyman and Alain Audet were the first same-sex couple in the province to both have their name on their child’s birth certificate. The couple now has two children, Cole and Emma.

(watch the video)

Same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada in 2005. Since then, the number of same-sex marriages and families has been growing at a faster rate than straight marriages.

Last year, more than 21,015 same-sex couples reported they were legally married, according to the Census. That’s a 181 per cent increase over 2006. The total number of same-sex families grew by more than 42 per cent. By comparison, the number of opposite sex couples who reported they were in a married relationship in 2011 grew by just under three per cent.

Compare the statistics on the left, from the 2006 Canadian census, to the statistics on the right from 2011.

Canadian Census 2006 - marriage stats  Canadian Census 2011 - marriage stats

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