15-Year-Old Noah St. John Will Knock Your Socks Off With the Story of His Two Moms

Have you heard of Noah St. John? If not, be prepared to hear a lot about him in the future. I get the sense this 15-year-old is going places.

Noah has talent. (Oh boy, does this guy have talent.) He’s got presence and poise. And it just so happens, he has two moms.

So turn up the sound, grab a tissue and strap in for the ride. You’re about to hear a story called “The Last Mile.”

Goosebumps, right? Those six minutes you just watched earned Noah NPR’s Snap Judgment performance of the year for 2012.

Congratulations to Maria and Robin for raising such an amazing young man. And Noah, I’m giving you my sunglasses. You’re future’s so bright I think you might need them.

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