More than Half of Americans Support Same-Sex Marriage

Gay marriage has the support of 51 percent of Americans, according to a new poll from ABC News & the Washington Post. The Huffintgon Post reports this is the fifth consecutive poll since March 2011 to show that same-sex marriage is supported by more than half the country.

Yet gay marriage is legal in just nine states and the District of Columbia. Three of those states – Maryland, Maine and Washington – joined the ranks following the recent federal election. We’ve still got a long way to go.

Still, demographic information from the ABC/Washington Post poll is encouraging. Results showed more than 60% of young adults support same-sex marriage, compared to two-thirds of senior citizens who oppose it.

Attitudes are changing. Do you think you’ll see same-sex marriage become legal in the whole country in your lifetime?

The fight is already underway to achieve recognition for gay marriage in six more states: Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Rhode Island, Minnesota, and New Jersey.

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