Linebacker With Two Dads Defends Gay Classmate

This note from a football player with gay dads to a bully in his class has been making its way around the interwebs today.

Letter to bully of gay kid from linebacker with two amazing dads

Dear kid bullying the only openly gay boy in class,

I dare you to lay a finger on him.

The linebacker with two amazing gay dads

There doesn’t appear to be a source and there are a lot of details that make it seem fake:

  • One website said this was left in the locker of the bully. If that’s case, how did the note’s author get into the locker? Why is the note stapled to the background? And who took the photo? The linebacker, to get credit for his good deed? That doesn’t seem congruent with the spirit of the letter.
  • Does a student call a classmate his own age a kid?
  • Do high school football players really call themselves linebackers? (Real question. They don’t in Canada, but maybe in the sports-mad US they do.)
  • Why is the note typed?

It’s rather like that letter from a man to his daughter, upbraiding her for disowning his gay grandson — too much of a perfect thing to be true.

But hey, even if it’s not real, it still made me smile.

4 thoughts on “Linebacker With Two Dads Defends Gay Classmate

  1. Geoff says:

    Came across this while trying to figure out whether this thing is real or fake, and I just wanted to clarify that “linebacker” is not just a football player but a specific position on the defensive side of American football. Linebackers plays just behind the line and are usually the ones who control opponents running the ball against them. This is thus a particularly tough position, and the guys who play it have tougher reputations than those playing a lot of other positions on the field; they hit people, and hard.

    1. Qparent Qparent says:

      Thanks for the clarification on the term. Did you find any conclusive evidence one way or the other about the note being fake?

  2. the doer of do's says:

    no actual helpful things in this comment, but if any one was immature enough to bully a kid for openly accepting them self, i would call them a kid too.

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