This Week in Queer Parenting

Here’s a bit of what happened around the world in LGBT parenting, same-sex marriage and other LGBT issues for the week of August 12 – 18, 2013.

In Russia

Masha Gessen Russian lesbian journalist mother
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
On Monday, I wrote about Masha Gessen, the Russian journalist who’s preparing to leave the country to try to safeguard her children. Later in the week, Raw Story told us about Maria and Alexandra, lesbians who have started the application process to come to Canada with their 7-year-old-daughter. At least two other gay Russians have also fled to Canada. I imagine we’ll see more of these types of stories as the situation in Russia continues to deteriorate.

On a brighter note, this gay dad wrote a powerful open letter to the IOC, and Care2 published an inspiring list of 5 LGBT activists defying the laws in Russia.

In Zimbabwe

There’s lot of media attention on Russia right now (as there should be) but let’s not forget other countries where the LGBT community suffers under oppressive regimes. Over in Zimbabwe, LGBT people are fearful of what measures newly re-elected President Robert Mugabe may implement. During his election campaign, Mugabe threatened to behead gays and called them “worse than dogs and pigs.” It’s already illegal to be gay in Zimbabwe, a country where same-sex couples can’t even hug, kiss or hold hands.

A lesbian in Harare told Gay Star News: “They will start with targeting minority groups like us in order to get majority support. Human rights defenders should make noise, this is how oppression of everyone starts.”

In Germany

German parents now have the option of leaving the sex of their child blank on the birth certificate. The designation is intended for intersex babies. Germany is the first European country to bring in such legislation, though not the first worldwide. Australians have been allowed to mark their sex as X since 2011, and in New Zealand, a third designation beyond male and female has been possible since 2012.

In the United States

A gay dad speaks about his personal experience as a white man parenting two black children in Oregon.

The Huffington Post reported on Family Pride Week in Provincetown, where queer parents and kids with queer parents can meet and share their experiences.

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