Gay Parent Flees Russia for Fear of Losing Her Kids

Queer parents in Russia are at risk of losing their children under the new anti-gay laws the country has passed.

Masha Gessen lesbian Russian journalist mother
Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Observer recently published an article from Russian journalist Masha Gessen, who describes what it’s been like for her family in the last couple of years. She has tried to fight the legislation, but after being assaulted and hearing her “perverted family” named by politicians, she’s decided it’s too dangerous to remain in the country.

She writes:

I contacted an adoption lawyer asking whether I had reason to worry that social services would go after my family and attempt to remove my oldest son, whom I adopted in 2000. The lawyer wrote back telling me to instruct my son to run if he is approached by strangers and concluding: “The answer to your question is at the airport.”

That quote gives me chills every time I read it. Read Masha’s full story here.

For great advice on what you can do to help the LGBT community in Russia, read Nancy Goldstein’s piece on Sticking It to Sochi.

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