And Then There Were Four: Lesbians with Quadruplets

My partner and I had a few weeks of butterflies dancing in our stomachs when an early blood test indicated my wife might be carrying twins. Turns out there was only one baby — and honestly, we were relieved. As first-time parents to be, a single seemed daunting enough.

So when I read about this lesbian couple who wanted one kid and ended up with four, my jaw just dropped.

Karen Wesolowski and Martha Padgett, a California couple, had tried unsuccessfully for three years to get pregnant. In their early 40s, time was running out. So they decided to use IVF to place Martha’s eggs fertilized with donor sperm in each of them, hoping that one would take.

After three months, they learned Martha was expecting twins. A month later, they learned Karen was also expecting twins. Quite a shocker!

What’s even more dramatic is that the babies were born just 22 hours apart. And they breastfed them all.

“When one baby woke up one of us would get up and feed them,” said Martha. “And then when another woke the other would feed.

I’m exhausted just reading about it. My wife thinks the tough part would have been having both partners pregnant at the same time — both suffering from morning sickness, both having trouble tying their shoes. No doubt it was a challenge, but then … quadruplets. Oh my.

You’d think this was an unusual situation, but not so much.

Sheri Green and Laura Calvin of Florida share a similar story. The women had been trying for some time to have kids. Sadly, they lost twins that Calvin was carrying in 2009.

The following year they scraped together their savings to try again. Their doctor suggested putting two embryos in each woman to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy. After all, the chances of all four embryos implanting were 1 in 143, less than 1 per cent, the doctor said.

Green and Calvin decided to go for it, using Green’s eggs and an anonymous sperm donor. To their great surprise, the six-week ultrasound revealed they were both pregnant – with twins.

Calvin went into early labour at just 31 weeks, giving birth to Brianna and Derrick. The stress of the first delivery caused Green to go into labor too, and Cason and Anthony were born just two weeks after their siblings.

Seems to me quadruplets don’t like to be kept apart!

Melanie Snee and Emma Miller were more or less expecting their quadruplets. The couple used fertility treatments to get just one partner, Emma, pregnant. Even so, four babies. All at once. The mind boggles.

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