Lesbian Grandmas Given Washington’s First Same-Sex Marriage License

How much do we love this story? The first same-sex marriage license in the state of Washington has been issued to Pete-e Peterson, 85, and Jane Abbott Lighty, 77. The couple has been together for 35 years, and are proud moms and grandmothers.

Queerty reports the couple met on a blind date in 1977:

Before they sat down for dinner at an old town restaurant in Sacramento, Jane snuck a peak [sic] of her date from the parking lot. She thought Pete-e was “cute” and “short” and the two, as Petersen put it, “just hit it off.”

Debunking that myth of lesbian courtship, they moved in together two weeks later.

In 2009, the two women appeared in a TV ad in support of R-71, a referendum that confirmed a senate bill giving same-sex couples in Washington state the rights of domestic partnership.

Congrats on your wedding, Pete-e and Jane! We wish you many more happy years together.

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