Do One Thing

What’s Do One Thing? (#D1T)

Are you looking for ways to strengthen your queer family—and families like yours locally, nationally, or internationally?

Do you ever see LGBTQ rights under attack and wonder how you can help? Like you want do something—but you don’t know what?

Do One Thing is for you.

It’s based on the idea that small acts can ripple into larger results. That we can help ourselves by helping each other. And that we’re all stronger when we’re connected.

Here’s how it works.

Once a month, you get an email from QParent. Inside is a short list of things you might do to support an LGBTQ parent, project, or cause.

I might suggest you share a gay couple’s adoption video or sign a petition about LGBTQ adoption rights.

I might suggest you get a kid’s book with two moms from the library or show up at a local rally for same-sex marriage.

Some things will be local, some international. Some will take a minute, others might take an hour or a day. Most will be free but some might ask you to show your support with dollars.

You pick one thing. And you do it.


Then report back to the #D1T blog post for that month to share your success and let us know how it went.