Dads: What Bathroom Do You Take Your Young Daughter Into?

There’s a heated debate happening among Parents magazine readers over a recent advice column. The question came from a dad with a young daughter. He wondered, when he was out in public and his daughter needed to use the washroom, which restroom he should use: the men’s or the women’s?

The expert who answered was Dr. Alice D. Domar, a specialist in women’s health issues. Here is her advice:

I would say the absolute last resort choice would be for the dad to go into the woman’s room! First choice would be to find a family bathroom, which is becoming more common these days. Second choice, up to age 4 or 5 would be for the dad to take her into the men’s room but go straight to a stall. After that, hopefully she would be able to go to a woman’s room by herself but if not, he can wait outside the woman’s room until a motherly-looking woman goes in and he can ask her to look out for his daughter.

Some readers were outraged that a little girl would be taken into a men’s washroom where she would see “exposed” men at the urinals. One man cautioned the dad against curious men who peek through the cracks in a stall. A couple of women said they be perfectly fine with a man entering the women’s washroom to accompany his daughter.

Dads, what do you do when you’re out with your daughters? What do you think of the advice and the comments?

2 thoughts on “Dads: What Bathroom Do You Take Your Young Daughter Into?

  1. M.Johnstone says:

    Nice site. Came here looking for more info on safe teethers. Saw the name Qparent, and thought it was for Queensland parents ? (I am Australian) Some interesting reading. Will be back.

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