Co-Parent Matchmaker Modamily Draws Attention to Alternative Families

Co-parenting — raising kids jointly with people you’re not romantically involved with — is nothing new. Gay people have been doing it for ages. But as all kinds of alternative family structures gain visibility, co-parenting is going mainstream.

One new website that’s been getting a lot of attention lately is Modamily, an online network aimed at helping co-parents find each other. Founded by Ivan Fatovic about a year ago, the site allows people to fill out extensive profiles in a search for co-parenting matches.

Modamily logo

If it sounds a lot like online dating, you’re not too far off. Fatovic says he deliberately mixed in elements from big dating sites — like large photos and compatibility quizzes — to make the experience less clinical and more appealing.

“Instead of sex questions, we’re asking more parenting-style questions, more about your lifestyle, beliefs and value systems, and we try to partner you up with someone that’s similar,” he says.

Fatovic recently appeared on Katie with Katie Couric. Here’s what he had to say about starting Modamily:

So far, Modamily has 3,000 members, 80 per cent of whom are straight, though Fatovic says he’s just now starting to reach out to the LGBT community so those numbers may change. It’s free to sign up to the site, but it’s US $29.95 per month if you want to read and send messages.

If you’re looking for a co-parent, here are some other sites that can help:


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