Finding Maternity Clothes When You’re Pregnant and Butch

Preggo Butch pregnant lesbian
Credit: butchpreggo.tumblr.com

My wife is four months pregnant and just hitting the stage where she needs to start wearing maternity clothes. She’s by no means butch but she’s not a fan of very feminine clothes either, and it seems most maternity wear consists of tops with plunging necklines and generally more girliness than she’s comfortable with.

L. has been able to find a few plainer pieces that work for her, but if it were me who was pregnant, even they would be too girly for me. And I don’t identify as butch either!

So what does someone who actually identifies as butch or genderqueer do if they’re pregnant?

By chance, while Googling for something else, I stumbled across the blog of Preggo Butch. What a happy stumble. It’s the most helpful information I’ve found on the topic of maternity wear for genderqueer women. Plus it’s funny and interesting too, with bits of social and political analysis woven into the discussion of fashion.

Preggo Butch documents outfits with plenty of pictures, and detailed descriptions of each item of clothing, how it fit and where to find it.

Preggo Butch pregnant lesbian
Credit: butchpreggo.tumblr.com

Other ideas

OffbeatFamilies ran a good column with suggestions on maternity clothing for butches, including the Bella Band and Chefwear.

Kreuzbach10 masculine shirts for women
Credit: Kreuzbach10

Kreuzbach10 is a new line out of Australia that recently got funded on Indiegogo. The company makes men’s shirts but cut specifically for a woman’s body. Though they’re just starting out and it doesn’t look they have any plans for maternity wear yet, maybe if a whole bunch of us ask really nice, they’d make us some preggo shirts?

Though tattoos aren’t clothes, genderqueer India talks about how her ink is helping her feel more comfortable in her skin even as her usually androgynous frame develops breast, hip and belly curves.

What are your recommendations for alt-gender maternity wear?

What do you think?

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