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17 Fabulous Onesies for Kids of LGBTQ Parents

Last updated: 10 May 2017

As supportive as my friends and family are, I was a little surprised (and dare I admit, disappointed) when no one, at any of the several baby showers that were thrown for us, bought us any cute “two mommy” items.

Then it occurred to me that if even they wanted to buy such a thing, they probably wouldn’t know where to look. It’s not like your local department store has a queer parent rack in the kid’s clothing section.

So I turned to the magic place: Etsy! And it didn’t disappoint.

Below are 17 of the coolest, cutest baby onesies for LGBT parents that I found on Etsy. Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I have some shopping to do.

1. My Moms Are the Coolest

LGBTQ baby onesie moms coolest
Credit: LittleFigs

2. My Dads Are Fab

LGBTQ baby onesie two dads fab
Credit: Kitsch Clothing

3. My Dads Are the Bomb

My dads are the bomb baby onesie
Credit: TwoCan Apparel

4. Rosie the Riveter

LGBTQ parents baby onesie rosie the riveter
Credit: Rainbow Alternative

5. 2QT2B Trouble

2QT2B Trouble baby onesie
Credit: TwoCan Apparel

6. I <3 My Moms

baby onesie two moms rainbow heart LGBTQ
Credit: Cotton Candy baby Clothing

7. We Are Family

LGBTQ parents baby onesie we are family
Credit: Baby Boudoir Clothing

8. I Am Not Pink. I Am Not Blue.

gender neutral baby onesie LGBTQ
Credit: RebelSpiritEfW

9. Dads

two dads baby onesie LGBTQ parents
Credit: Sew Nerdy Gifts

10. All You Need Is Love

All you need is love baby onesie
Credit: AppleJaxie

11. I Have the Best Moms Ever

two moms lesbian parents baby onesie
Credit: Penguin Pineapples

12. I Have 2 Real Dads

I ahev 2 real dads baby onesie
Credit: TwoCan Apparel

13. Marriage Equality

Marriage equality baby onesie
Credit: Spunky Stork

14. Glitter Rainbow

LGBTQ parents baby onesie rainbow
Credit: Color Chaos

15. I’m Being Raised With an Open Heart and Mind

I'm being raised with an open heart and mind baby onesie
Credit: LittleFigs

16. I <3 My Parents

LGBTQ gay parents baby onesie rainbow heart
Credit: Teesies

17. My Moms Rock

two moms lesbian baby onesie
Credit: Sew Nerdy Gifts

2 thoughts on “17 Fabulous Onesies for Kids of LGBTQ Parents

  1. Heather says:

    I’m going to be a surrogate for my coworker and hi s patner. Can you make onesie that say I have the coolest birth mom

    1. Jennifer Tribe Jennifer Tribe says:

      Hi Heather — How exciting that you’re going to be a surrogate! This blog post is a collection of onesies from various sellers on Etsy. You’ll need to contact one of them with any custom requests. 🙂

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