About QParent

QParent is an online hub for news, resources, commentary, and community that supports same-sex couples in building families and raising great kids.

The site caters to LGBTQ people who want parenting and relationship information that reflects their unique experiences, and who want to connect with other families like theirs.

Here you’ll find news on assisted reproduction science and ground-breaking court cases, parenting advice with a queer bent, peeks at LGBTQ celebrity parents, updates on the status of same-sex marriage around the globe, reports on how LGBTQ parents are represented in the media, and much more.

QParent was built on four key tenets:

  1. Be global
    Look across borders to report on what’s happening and what’s important to queer parents all around the globe.
  2. Be inclusive
    Create a place where queer parents can feel welcomed and represented. Curate and publish content that matters to us all.
  3. Be helpful
    Deliver accurate, timely, and relevant information. Support each other and the wider community.
  4. Be interesting
    Write compellingly, engage in conversation, and have fun.

About Jennifer Tribe

Jennifer Tribe, QParent So, the personal stuff: I’m a wife. I also have a wife and together we parent one adorable daughter.

Professionally, I’ve worked as a writer and editor for longer than I generally care to admit. My work has been published all around Internet town and in dozens of print publications.

My current day job involves managing content for a software company. I’ve owned and managed a corporate communications consultancy, and co-owned a publishing company. And it all started with a journalism degree.