Misha moms go to Olympics gay coloring book

Why This New Pro-Gay Coloring Book for Russia Is a Dangerous Idea

Misha & His Moms Go to the Olympics is a new pro-gay coloring book from FCKH8, the t-shirt company that’s made a name for themselves as LGBT activists. Seems like a great idea — but here’s why I think it will put Russian families at risk.

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Linebacker With Two Dads Defends Gay Classmate

A bully is officially put on notice in a note from a football player with gay dads. Fake? Probably, but great just the same.

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rainbow family tree genealogy gay lesbian parents

Gay Parents Claim Their Place in the Modern Family Tree

The family tree ends here? Not anymore! Genealogy is evolving to include gay and lesbian parents, and adopted and donor-conceived children.

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Your guide to using donor sperm infographic

Your Guide to Using Donor Sperm (INFOGRAPHIC)

Making a gay family with donor sperm in three easy steps.

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Seed TV show about sperm donor to lesbian moms

Quick Bits: This Week in LGBT Parenting News

A trans man gives birth in Germany, Australians are seeking surrogacy overseas in record numbers, the kids of New Zealand gay dads are denied citizenship and more.

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little girls hidden identity protecting kids online

How Would You Feel if a Photo of Your Kid Went Viral?

A headline on Twitter today stopped me in my tracks. Someone ‘Catfished’ My Kids and They Went Viral, it said. A terrible feeling formed in my gut. As a blogger, as a parenting blogger, as a *queer* parenting blogger, something happening to my family because of what I do or say online is a very real fear.

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happy single dad with son

Quick Bits: This Week in LGBT Parenting News

Surrogacy is on the rise both for gay couples and single gay men, gay dad Ricky Martin confesses to bullying gays when he was younger, three couples challenge Nebraska’s ban on LGBT foster parents, and more.

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